Government & Law


Offering Title Offering Code Sponsoring Unit Description
2017 Corrections School of Staff & Command CJO-N200 CJO This is a 400-hour problem-based course that utilizes a blend of classroom facilitated learning and cutting edge distance learning technologies. Problem-based learning (PBL) represents the next generation in law enforcement training by fostering critical thinking and employing learning philosophies appropriate in today's law enforcement.
First Line Supervision CJO-N400 CJO First Line Supervision is an 80-hour blended course for new or soon to be promoted first line supervisors. It consists of 3 days of learning in a retreat setting where learners are required to stay on location. Week 2, is 3 days of facilitated distance learning, followed by 4...
Planning & Running a Ballot Question Campaign MSUE-100 MHU