ONGEO 001: Introduction to Geospatial Technologies

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Offering Description

This course acquaints students with geographic technologies and their applications to problem-solving.

Target Audience
Professionals and post-baccalaureates working in fields that use geospatial technologies and pursuing training opportunities or looking to advance or revamp their current career path, teachers pursuing continuing-education credits, and international students seeking an educational experience and certification from an American university.

Goals and Objectives
1. Apply various geospatial tools and perform basic geographic analysis.
2. Clearly articulate how geospatial tools can be applied to problem-solving scenarios in a variety of disciplines.
3. Understand the ethical and policy considerations of using geospatial technology.

Specific Learning Outcomes
By the completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Analyze geographic data using geospatial tools, including GIS software.
2. Interpret basic aerial and satellite imagery.
3. Critique and create well-designed maps that follow cartographic principles.
4. Comprehend the ethical considerations of using geospatial tools and working with geographic information.

Course Delivery
This course is taught using MSU's D2L site.

Professional Development Certificate
The onGEO Professional Certificate in GIS includes: Intro. to Geospatial Technologies (N001), Geographic Information Systems (N002), Remote Sensing (N003), and Cartography (N004).

Please visit the onGEO site or email us at

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