BAE-ET 2014 National Electrical Code Update

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Significant changes in every article of the National Electrical Code, Part 8 Rules of Public Act 230 of 1972, and the Michigan Residential Code will be discussed and illustrated. Topics include significant changes in the 2014 NEC, and where Part 8 Rules modify the Code. Explanation of new administrative rules every contractor and electrician must know. Important differences between the NEC and the Michigan Residential Code are discussed. Also included is explanation of which Code applies to which type of installations. The State of Michigan course approval ID number is 15-014-14. You may complete course requirements at your own personal pace, however, you will be limited to a maximum of three-months to complete this code update course. From the date that the course fee is paid, you have three-months to complete the course requirements. Failure to pass the course within the three month time period will require you to repay the course tuition fee, to continue in this State of Michigan Approved electrical code update course.

Section: BAE-N00037.(1)

Section Description: This course is approved by the State of Michigan, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Construction Codes. The course approval ID number is 15-014-14. This is an approved Code update course for those individuals seeking State of Michigan electrical licence renewal for the 2017 license year. Participants will be awarded an update certificate for successful completion of the course.

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