BAE-ET 020 Electrical Fundamentals II

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This is the second of two courses in electrical fundamentals. Through this course you will analyze series and parallel circuits, understand the effects of capacitance and inductance on an ac circuit. You will also understand the basic principles of electromagnetic induction and fundamental transformer relationships and develop sufficient understanding of single-phase and three-phase electrical systems operating 600 volts or less, Finally the course will allow you to identify types of electrical transmission and distribution systems, and describe methods of power generation, calculate power demands of electrical equipment and the factors that affect a customers power usage as well as energy rates and describe the factors that affect wire resistance and calculate wire sizes to limit voltage drop from adversely affecting electrical equipment.

Section: BAE-N00022.(1)

Section Description: This course is based on the 2014 National Electrical Code. For this course the following materials will be needed a Calculator and 2014 National Electric Code (ISBN Number 978-1455906727). Students who are taking this class as part of a mandated electrical apprenticeship training program must also pay the annual $100 administrative fee. See:

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