BAE-ET 011 Electrical Fundamentals I

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Define common electrical terms and properly measure electrical voltage and current. Understand electrical fundamentals and solve simple series and parallel circuit problems. Develop sufficient understanding of single-phase electrical systems to recognize this system in the field and to explain how 120-volt and 240-volt circuits are obtained. Explain how to determine neutral current of a single-phase, 120/240 volt, three-wire, system. Explain an important indicator of an open neutral of a 120/240 volt, three-wire, system. Understand the basic principles of electromagnetic induction and fundamental transformer relationships. Solve for current and voltage of a single-phase transformer and determine the kVA rating.

Section: BAE-N00026.(1)

Section Description: This course is based on the 2014 National Electrical Code. For this course the following materials will be needed a Calculator and the 2014 National Electric Code (ISBN Number 978-1455906727) Students who are taking this class as part of a mandated electrical apprenticeship training program must also pay the annual $100 administrative fee. See:

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