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This is a more advance course that covers a variety of electrical Code topics associated with installing and maintaining electrical equipment and materials. To be most successful in the electrical trade, it is very important to have a basic understanding of the electrical codes that impacts how electrical installations are completed. In the State of Michigan The National Electrical Code, the Michigan Residential Code and Michigan?s Part 8 rules each have a unique scope of coverage for electrical installations. Electrical materials, the sizing of electrical conductors, device boxes, pull boxes and conduit bodies, service entrance installations, system grounding, bonding and equipment grounding are all key elements that are covered in this course. Understanding each of these items will be essential to understanding the more complex electrical installations and future applications of the National Electrical Code and how it applies to the proper installation of electrical wiring.

Section: BAE-N00029.(1)

Section Description: This course is based on the 2014 National Electrical Code. For this course the following materials will be needed a Calculator, 2014 National Electric Code (ISBN Number 978-1455906727) and Interpreting the National Electrical Code - 9th Edition, Delmar Cengage Publishers ( ISBN: Number 978-1-111-54442-3) Students who are taking this class as part of a mandated electrical apprenticeship training program must also pay the annual $100 administrative fee. See:

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