BAE-ET 023 AC & DC Machines

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This course covers a variety of topics associated with the types, and operating characteristics of the common ac and dc electric motors that are found in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. This course has been designed to introduce the student to a broad range of motor topics including: connecting the leads of an electric motor, according to the manufacturer's diagram for the proper supply voltage; how to reverse the direction of shaft rotation; techniques used to control shaft speed; interpreting the information provided on an induction motor nameplate, to the point of finding a suitable replacement motor; understanding the basic operation of a variable frequency drive and; techniques used to improve electric motor efficiency.

Section: BAE-N00032.(1)

Section Description: This course is based on the 2014 National Electrical Code. For this course the following materials will be needed a Calculator, and 2014 National Electric Code (ISBN Number 978-1455906727). Students who are taking this class as part of a mandated electrical apprenticeship training program, must also pay the annual $100 administrative fee. See:

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