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The Horse Selection and Evaluation CD is a resource based on the Horse Selection and Evaluation online course that you can keep and refer to again and again. The material has been developed by equine experts at Michigan State University and nationally recognized equine professionals. On this CD you will discover a wealth of resources for learning about many factors that contribute to sound decisions when selecting a horse for a specific use. Horse ownership can be a rewarding experience, and selecting the right horse is the first step!

Topics include: Uses, Breeds, Identification, Unsoundness and Blemishes, Conformation Evaluation, Preparing to Purchase a Horse, Horse Ownership

Please note that this CD is a resource that contains all of the course content, but is not considered to be an online course. Therefore, a certificate of completion will not be issued.

My Horse University is a national online program for horse enthusiasts based at Michigan State University, one of the top U.S. universities in equine science and management. This program offers equine education courses and resources that you can tailor to achieve your horse-management goals. For more information visit our Web site at:

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