MHU/HQ Webcast: Developing Real Sportsmanship in a Reality Show World

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FREE WEBCAST! Today's world seems obsessed with "reality" shows. From Jersey Shore to the Kardashians, or reality contests like Survivor or the Amazing Race, people tune in by the millions each week to see what happens next in a (supposedly) unscripted environment. A research-based article on reports that these shows are very popular with those in the 18-34 age range, which is also a relatively large segment of the horse show world. Further, we know that fans of reality TV tend to be attention-seekers, and that the "more reality shows a person likes, the more concerned he or she is with their social status", both of which can be motivating factors in the horse show world. Finally, research suggests that "...too much reality TV may lead viewers to idealize real world situations...", which can be either a help or a hindrance in the competitive arena. This webinar will share strategies for dealing with negative horse showing behaviors and enhancing positive behaviors, to create "Real Sportsmanship in a Reality Show World."

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